Create your website with Clixxii: suits any type of business or activity

With Clixxii you can adapt your website to the needs and image your business requires no matter business your in to. You can choose from different templates and tune your website to your liking, using our large catalogue of backgrounds or uploafing one yourself. You can change the color of each element on your website: texts, borders, fills, etc ... If you need to add additional sections to your site we offer different extensions: menu, products / services, news / blog. You decide how many extensions you need, you can even repeat the same extentions. On your website you can call each section as you want and so will the button on your website. Clixxii continues to develop new extensions and will keep you updated.


Publish your complete menu on your website: all your specials, cocktails, wines & spirits, snakcs, etc...


Show all your products and / or services with their image, title and description.Your online storefront 24/7!


Post your stories, news, events ...